In this episode we talk to Dr. Craig Bingman about Lanthanum Chloride, Phosphate, Bubble Algae, and ICP Testing.

Time Stamps

00:00:00 Intro
00:05:50 Welcome Dr. Craig Bingman
00:07:52 Lanthanum Chloride
00:22:37 SPONSOR:
00:25:23 Back to Lanthanum Chloride
00:32:48 Sources of Phosphate
00:37:32 Sunlight Causes Algae?
00:43:16 Support Reef Beef
00:44:23 Bubble Algae
00:52:33 Units
01:01:47 ICP Results
01:13:39 New Hanna Checker
01:17:26 Craig’s Beefs
01:29:30 Thanks Craig!
01:30:54 Bloopers


Episode 37 – Dry But Important with Dr. Craig Bingman

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