On this episode, we Beef Reef with Matt Wandell about his new home tank, stuff we don’t want to talk about but can’t not talk about (R2R), turnover, and story time about fish eating rats.

Episode 6 Time Stamps

00:00:08 Intro
00:00:43 Guest, Matt Wandell
00:01:35 Matt Speaks
00:02:16 Religion & Fragging?!
00:03:18 Matt has work tanks & home tanks
00:07:32 Beef – R2R & Discrimination
00:18:10 We are accepting sponsors
00:19:10 Matt’s Beard
00:20:20 Turnover, what is it?
00:48:11 Story Time – Rats + Aquarium = Trouble
00:53:54 Story Time – Bumblebee + Oscar
00:54:10 Story Time – Mice as fish food?
00:56:00 Thanks Matt

Link: Reef Beef – Episode 6 – Turnover: No Answers, Just Choices with Special Guest Matt Wandell

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