Reef Kids: Octopus Counting Game

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While it’s true that children are always learning, it can be fun to work on specific skills and subjects from time to time. Counting is a pretty integral skill in our day-to-day lives, and getting your little one engaged with learning their numbers, and what those numbers represent, is the first step in the process. I found this cute octopus counting game that you can assemble quickly and easily with minimal supplies, which means less stress for you and more time to engage with the kids!

This version from crayon freckles is a good template. To make it, you need:

A file folder
Colored paper
Large sequins
Number stickers
Velcro stickers

To assemble, paint or color the file folder for the background, and glue on a rounded half-circle head, eyes, and mouth. Attach the number stickers (1-8) along the bottom edge of the head and a “hook” side of the Velcro pieces under each number – that leaves the fuzzy side for the tentacles, which is nicer for little hands and less likely to get stuck on other surfaces. Cut out eight long, curvy strips of paper and glue sequins on each; 1 on the first one, 2 on the second, and so on, and then attach the fuzzy side of the Velcro to the underside top of each piece.

You could really get away with using a larger piece of paper for the background, draw on the numbers and counting circles, and not use anything to attach the legs, or use elmer’s glue or tape. In addition, this crafty mom laminated all the pieces to be able to reuse the project, but that step is also optional.

Using this image as a jumping-off point, you could make a couple of variations. One would be to draw/attach the legs first, and then have the child draw circles on each to represent the corresponding number. Another idea, especially for an even younger child, is to start with the attached legs and circles already drawn on, and have them place cheerios over each one, counting as they go along.

Any way you decide to approach this, remember to keep it fun, help out before the child gets too frustrated, and stop if it becomes overwhelming. Developing a positive associating with learning is so important when you’re just starting out, and I think this would be a fun way to help your little one learn their numbers!

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