It’s funny to me that there are 10+ different names to some well known coral species. And it was surprising to me to learn that that all the various grafted montipora caps that World Wide Corals offer are simply called “WWC grafted monti cap”. Why is this? To learn more about grafting montipora, and to see what they thought about this whole “grafting” phenomenon, I drove up to Orlando, Florida to visit my friends Lou and Frank of WWC. I talked with them about the history behind grafting, why it happens, what they think of it all,the difference between grafted and fused coral, and had them shed some light on coral fusion as well.

Take a look and learn some new things!

*Disclaimer. Like the video states, Lou and Frank are not scientists. They are talking from their experiences on handling corals, communications with Steve Tyree, and their own research from the topic. They are just sharing their information with us. Not claiming that it’s 100% scientifically accurate but we wish that one day that someone will do some research on it and let us know how and why this amazing phenomenon happens.

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