RNN Episode 150 – Sweet Coralline

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A new coral food option, a bit of homeschool, and Sweet Coralline. We are BACK! This week we catch up with Jeremy, working on his systems, fragging away, and enjoying some growth and stability. Peter is coming right along allowing his tank to fill in and added some peppermint shrimp to battle aiptasia. All this and more on Episode 150 or The Reef News Network!


Jeremy- If you have a student (or many in my case) doing in-person classes, online learning, homeschooling, hybrid, or have given up altogether, you should check out Outschool.com. The site has over 100,000 classes to choose from, for students 3-18 years old (though quite a few look interesting for adults, as well). The coolest part is that there are SO many classes on marine biology, including subjects like: Ocean Ecosystems in Minecraft & the Real World and Advanced Coral Reef Ecology. This is a great opportunity to get a younger person interested in coral reefs and perhaps the hobby, while having fun and learning.

Peter- ELOS svC Science M1 MICRO-zooplankton is a new SPS & LPS coral food that was just released in the United States. It is well known that many corals feed on organic matter. And for many corals to thrive about 15% of their food source to comes from organic matter. Most corals are both heterotrophic (catching nutrition from outside sources) and autotrophic (relying on photosynthesis from symbiotic algae AKA zooxanthellae). Coral morphology clearly exemplifies the need for organic food sources with the presence of feeding tentacles.

Main Topic: Sweet Coralline

From beginner to advanced reefers, coralline algae plays a big part in our systems and it strikes many chords ;). This is the algae outbreak we all want to see in our tanks, even those awesome macroalgae tank love this stuff. We all want that beautiful natural pink/purple growth to happen quickly in our systems, then as it takes off we need to manage its growth. Today we will cover how to cover your reef with this amazing stuff and how to manage it (a bit).

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