RNN Episode 169 – Strictly Business about AEFW

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Snow Storm Clowns, Marine Depot Musings and Strictly Business about AEFW. Jeremy is expecting delivery of the OptiMystic Reef 2.0 from Crystal Dynamic Aquariums in a few short weeks. Peter is enjoying the tank and seeing the tide turn against a few pesky pests. All this and more on Episode 169 of The Reef News Network!


Peter- Marine Depot Musings

Jeremy- Sea and Reef has just released the 11th designer longfin clownfish. The new fish is a longfin version of the very popular Snow Storm Clownfish. As many aquarists know, longfin clownfish are not new to the hobby, but Sea & Reef’s new Longfin Clownfish have a much different look to them. Their longfin clownfish have long flowing fins with rounded, more even outlines. This sets them apart from the typical longfin strain that display jagged, stiff fins with uneven edges. Marine Biologist Soren Hansen observed with great excitement the very first batch of Longfin Mocha Storm Clownfish as they went through metamorphosis and grew their beautiful, even-edged fins.

Main Topic: EPMD no wait it’s AEFW but we are Strictly Business with the info in this episode and the plans we have for treating these no-nonsense pests.
Coral aquaculture is ever-increasing around the world for reef restoration and the hobby. The effort to minimize the impact of coral predators, pathogens and parasites is necessary for optimal growth. We are going to discuss the Acropora coral-eating polyclad flatworm (AEFW), which feeds on wild and cultivated Acropora species. Recent studies have found the presence of AEFW in wild Acropora colonies, new studies are taking place on the possible affects. The inadvertent introduction of this pest into our reef tanks can lead to the rapid death of coral colonies. We will discuss treatment of infested corals, the flatworm’s life cycle, how to disrupt said life cycle, and how temperature can affect your treatment plan. We have outlined a few plans that can help. It is good amount of work but it is worth it to save your Acros!

Great Article to check out on these pests – https://www.frontiersin.org/articles/10.3389/fmars.2019.00524/full
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