It is likely that you have scrolled the forums of the open-source software known as reef-pi,
looking for simple answers to the many burning questions you have on hooking the software up
to your aquarium.
After staring at the long lists of benefits and capabilities that the reef-pi offers you feel let down
when you realise the difficulty of setting it up.
Reading further through the forums, you learn that the reef pi has been in development for over
three years and therefore boasts reliability: something that is becoming less and less common in
the modern aquarium appliances.
However, despite the popularity of the reef-pi, there are few flexible, reliable and affordable
forms of open-source hardware which can easily connect and supply all levels and skills of
aquarium enthusiasts with an easy fix to their problems.
This is where Robo-Tank comes in and miraculously wipes all these problems out of your mind,
(just like it could wipe your aquarium clean, among many other possibilities).

The Robo-Tank was meticulously put together, bred from a passion for technology and fish
which gave birth to this expandable open source aquarium controller.
For all you DIY enthusiasts out there, we didn’t take out all the fun! Because of its open-source
nature it can be expanded to add more features so you can continuously feed your aquarium
addiction. Don’t worry though, at least this part of your addiction to aquariums won’t break the
bank due to its affordable price.
If that still hasn’t made you start jumping out of your seat to get in on the fun, than you will be
pleased to know that at Robo-Tank we will continuously support, update and add cool features
so you never run out of new devices and sensors to add to your evolving aquarium.
With a Kickstarter page which has already been backed by many enthusiasts, there is no doubt
that the Robo-Tank is an innovative aquarium controller which will set the bar high for many
others to follow. Check out the Kickstarter campaign and show your support.

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