Rossmont Mover MX pumps Unveiled

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rossmont_mover_mx_02After a full year of making us wait, Rossmont is finally ready to present its new Mover MX pump.

The Rossmont Mover MX, as the Rossmont Mover M before it, is a pump with a fixed flow rate.

Rossmont has made understanding its product easy; the code for every pump is MX followed by the flow rate.

The new Mover MX has four pumps:

  • Mover MX 9800moves 9.800 l/h, has a power consumption of 16 watt, and an efficiency of 613 litres per watt;
  • Mover MX 11600moves 11.600 l/h, has a power consumption of 18 watt, and an efficiency of 644 litres per watt;
  • Mover MX 13400moves 13.400 l/h, has a power consumption of 20 watt, and an efficiency of 670 litres per watt;
  • Mover MX 15200moves 15.200 l/h, has a power consumption of 24 watt, and an efficiency of 633 litres per watt;

From this table we can see that the new Mover MX 13400 is the most efficient pump, but the efficiency is incredibly good for every pump in the MX range.

  • Mover MX Technical data


The pumps are also very very small. All four pumps are the same size, 7.5 cm, and, when installed, they stick out 10 cm from the glass.

The magnets work on glass with thickness up to 19mm.


Mx models dimensions

Now let’s take a look at the European prices:

  • Mover MX 9800 with 9.800 l/h will cost 109,90 euro
  • Mover MX 11600 with 11.600 l/h will cost 119,90 euro
  • Mover MX 13400 with 13.400 l/h will cost 129,90 euro
  • Mover MX 15200 with 15.200 l/h will cost 139,90 euro


89 litres per euro for the MX 9800, 97 l/€ for the MX 11600, 103 l/€ for the MX 13400, and arriving at the biggest pump, MX 15200 with 109 l/€!


These fixed flow rate pumps are almost impossible to compare with the variable pumps, like the ones from Tunze or vortech, but I look forward to reviewing this product as soon as I have it!

In the meantime, you can read my review of the Rossmont Mover M 5800, from which this new pump originated.


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