royal exclusiv dreambox - reefsIt has been nearly a year since I first reviewed my Royal Exclusiv Dreambox, and I wanted to provide an updated review to pass along some new insights and observations.  I had been using my Dreambox for about a month and a half when I did the first review, so at that point my system was brand new. As a reminder, the sump is 74 US gallons and measures 59″L x 23-1/2″W x 13-3/4″T. Along with the sump, I purchased a Bubble King Double Cone 250 skimmer, which included a RD3 Speedy pump, two Red Dragon 3 Speedy return pumps, and two Royal Exclusiv Media Reactors – one with a 2L capacity and the other with a 5L capacity. My overall impression of the sump has not changed. You get what you MORE

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