sea turtleI generally live by the principles of reduce-reuse-recycle, but when I do buy something brand new, I try to support local businesses and environmentally conscious companies. Devocean (short for “Devoted to the Ocean”), an online retailer that specializes in apparel and accessories, is the latter. They are committed saving the world’s sea turtles, and to that end, they donate 20 percent of their net profits to the Florida Atlantic University Marine Research Lab at Gumbo Limbo Nature Center.

devocean sea turtle On their website, the company states: “All of our efforts as a social enterprise are intended to raise awareness about the growing fragility of marine habitats and encourage people to take immediate action.

Sea turtles are among the oldest surviving species on the planet, with a history dating back more than 110 million years. Sea turtle species play a vital role in the marine ecosystem but could be wiped out by pollution, poaching and boating activity in the next few years. The 5.25 trillion pieces of plastic already in our oceans pose a particular danger to sea turtles which can ingest plastic bags that block their digestive tract or get entangled in nets and drown.

The Devocean team firmly believes that we can help save the sea turtles by investing in conservation programs.”

gumbo-limbo-nature-center-sea-turtle-reefsThe Center, located in Boca Raton, FL, is filled with information and displays relating to South Florida’s indigenous wildlife and is surrounded by a 20-acre coastal preserve. Its mission is “To increase public awareness of coastal and marine ecosystems through research, education, preservation, and conservation.” The Lab itself has cared for hundreds of sea turtles since its inception, and has a gallery for viewing FAU faculty and student research and conservation projects.


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