Seneye presents Seneye Cleaner

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Seneye launches the Seneye Cleaner, a product aimed to clean the Seneye sensor.

The product, from the very modest cost, just 12 € in their online store, promises to clean the white probe quickly and perfectly.

In fact, it promises to take care of all the coralline algae and any dirt has accumulated on the device.

Of course it can be used on any other aquarium devices such as pumps or whatever, and Seneye in this way ensures that the device will be as good as new and sterilized, making it suitable specially when you need to move something to one aquarium to another.

Operation is extremely simple, as you simply enter the Seneye product in a cup, preferably glass, fill with water and then you have to put the object to be cleaned, and in two hours they promise you a clean product, completely sterilized.

The only care in the case of Seneye is to avoid putting even the small card needed for detection of pH that would be irretrievably damaged.

We do not know anything more , since we do not have a package in our hands, but we assume that the effect is like to put the probe in the vinegar … or in hydrochloric acid (muriatic acid ) to 2% for a time, however, extremely shorter than the two hours required by Seneye Cleaner. In the latter cases , however, you also need to use a little a toothbrush … We are therefore keen to have it in our hands to better understand what is it the content, and how it’s really work.

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