Sicce, the Italian company known mainly for their water pumps, wavemakers, and other aquarium equipment, will soon be entering American markets with their own line of reef tank supplements, called HyperReef. It’s a “classic” three-part Calcium, Alkalinity, and Magnesium additive program formulated to maintain balance in a saltwater tanks that contain stony corals, clams, and other reef-building organisms.  

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HyperReef comes in two sizes (16 fl. oz and 32 fl. oz), and each component in its own clearly-marked plastic bottle. sicce supplements are manufactured from (according to the manufacturer) high-purity ingredients in ionically-balanced formulations and are free from contaminants like ammonia, silicate, phosphate, and organic compounds.

What makes sicce HyperReef unique in the sea of saltwater 3-part additives? First of all, the product is made in Italy and marketed mainly to European reefers, which puts it in competition with all the other brands established on the continent (and let’s be honest, the bar is higher on the other side of the Atlantic). Therefore, it has to meet the highest production standards. We can see that in the precise way sicce describes the content of their additives. Each 16fl oz of HyperReef contains:

  • Part 1 55000 ppm of Magnesium
  • Part 2 74000 ppm Calcium
  • Part 3 1 ml increases alkalinity by 1.47



The aquarist should first measure his/her Magnesium level with a test kit, subtract the result from desired levels of Magnesium, and then add the amount needed to achieve target goal (for Magnesium, 1 ml = 14.47 ppm). The Calcium and the Alkalinity work the same way. After few days of repeated testing and supplementing with HyperReef, a dosing regime can be established. sicce‘s new line of supplements allows for a precise dosage in small aquariums and therefore can find a niche with nano tank enthusiasts. Labels on each of the three bottles clearly explains the entire process, with the natural seawater levels and even a small conversion chart for milliliters to US Customary units.

HyperReef will soon hit US shelves, meanwhile, visit for more details about the product.

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