SICCE Syncra Nano Unboxing Review

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Sicce Syncra Nano
Sicce Syncra Nano was introduced in Europe back in 2014, and is finally showing up in North American markets. It is a compact return pump, designed and manufactured in Italy by a company known for making high-quality, long-lasting products. There is already an excellent, in-depth review of Syncra Nano by Danilo Ronchi here on, and I would like to share my thoughts on the American version of this interesting addition to Sicce’s circulation pumps market.

Syncra Nano is Sicce’s smallest return pump, albeit with some impressive specifications (for its size). It has a regulated output flow of between 40-110 gph (140-360 lph) and a 2.8 W motor (that’s less than a single high power LED emitter!). The pump can be used submerged, or out of water with an included spare impeller cover. When used in-line, the inlet/outlet noodles require ½” (12mm) tubing. Syncra Nano features sicce‘s patented self-cleaning impeller.

A peek inside the box

Sicce Syncra box

Sicce Syncra Box Content

The cardboard box that sicce Syncra Nano comes in includes:

-a pump with a 59’” (150 cm) long cable

-an extra impeller cover for in-line use

-anti-vibration base plate with 4 suction cups

-instruction manual

My first impression? “Holy cow, this thing is tiny!” It may be the smallest pump on the market; look at it pictured next to a US quarter:

Syncra Nano size

Considering its tiny size, the amount of water it pushes is truly amazing. I set it up for few minutes in my 5g quarantine tank and I had to “choke” the output all the way down to its minimum setting to avoid vortexes in the aquarium! Each dimension measures roughly 2” long, and it weighs next to nothing. In addition, it’s dead silent, stays cool, and draws 0.02A of current – even less than my phone charger. It can be easily disassembled for cleaning by simply removing the impeller cover, which snaps back to place with a gentle push.


One additional feature, which I’ve never before seen in a return pump, is the rotating outlet. The submerged-use cover has a turret-like head that spins both ways in a 90 degree angle from its upright position. It can be useful for very shallow tanks, riparium setups or wherever the water level stays low.

In summary, sicce Syncra Nano is an unique product that was engineered with a specific goal in mind- to be very compact without sacrificing the flow. It definitely delivers, so if you’re looking for a return pump that needs to fit in a limited space and still provide a decent turnover, sicce Syncra Nano may be just the product you’re looking for.

The pump comes with a 3-year warranty. Check out the spec sheet by visiting Sicce US website

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