Skimmer Elos PS2000: our in-depth review

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The PS2000 is the new Elos skimmer dedicated to oversized marine aquariums, over 500 liters or smaller, but filled with fish and SPS corals.

After more than six months of extensive testing we are ready to tell you about it extensively.


The construction of the PS2000 is absolutely great and free of any burrs. The skimmer is made of acrylic as usual, and is also compatible with the use of ozone.

From deletion of the old NS skimmers with counter-current venturi, now the new PS series take a more classic pattern with a pump with needle wheel and insertion into the bottom of skimmer body, inside a cylinder that serves as a diffuser.

The skimmer body has a diameter of 15 cm and is 55.5 cm high, comprised of cup.

The cup lies to the body with a very slight pressure and we are able to slide out with one hand alone, without having to push or screw nothing, with the hydraulic seal ensured by a gasket.

The cup has a small hole in the upper part, which in the previous picture is visible in the lower right, so that it can be connected to a waste disposal system outside, which is a drain for the lucky people that may have near their aquarium rather than a larger container for when you go on vacation.

The supplied pump is PSK sicce, but about that will discuss more later.

Under the skimmer body there are 4 feet in soft silicone that serve to dampen the vibrations of the whole skimmer-pump with results nothing short of stratospheric.


Installation is very simple, even if the migration from the old NS to the new PS has eliminated the possibility to adjust at will the angle of entry and exit of the water that could be kept at 90° or in line. The new PS, by adopting a fixed pattern instead, can be installed only with input and output at 90°, definitely an optimal configuration to occupy little space in the sump, but not so versatile.

The outflow is guaranteed by a PVC tube terminated at the top with a terminal duckbill, which closes the drain and turning it allows control of the water level in the body of skimmer, note that in order to have a good skimming the water level should be just above the base of cup.

The pump is inserted on the base of skimmer and can be used with the suction side down, or with the suction towards the side. The latter configuration is to be preferred because it avoids to suck dirt from the bottom and because the waste substances have a greater concentration toward the free surface of the water.

Being a mono pump configuration we should not care to handle the incoming water to the skimmer and the water-air ratio that have already been decided for us by Elos.
The level to be kept in the sump needs to be around 20 cm.


The Elos PS2000 has been tested in my 400 liters tank heavily stocked with SPS corals and many fish, there are currently around 35, although only a few medium-big size.

The skimmer was suddenly ready to foam when added to the sump. The foam completely fills the skimmer body, and this is remarkable, seen the size of skimmer . The tendency of the foam is to make bubbles quite large with the pump I had in the first equipment, the PSK1000 so I proceeded to install the PSK700 with whom I have had some significant improvements, with a finer foam.

The Elos PS2000 is extremely sensitive to the level of water in sump, among all skimmers I have had, this is surely the one more affected by the level. Just half inch more in sump and the skimmer could be overflow in the sump, half inch less and no skimming at all, so I warn you to keep the level very steady. So using this skimmer with the topping made only at night for the administration of Kalkwasser (lime water) could be very problematic.

Furthermore, this skimmer is also extremely sensitive to any variation made in the aquarium water, such as the insertion of hands into aquarium, the inclusion of resin or activated charbon, or any other variations, collapsing instantaneously the skimming. In this case it is very important not to re-calibrate the skimmer because when it would return to the previous situation we will have certainly one overflow. It’s very easy in fact, to raise or lower the level of the foam in the cup and then you must take great care to avoid overflow in the sump.

The use of this skimmer leads quickly enough to a remarkable cleaning water, absence of particulate matter in suspension and thus a greater transparency of the water, certainly due to the adoption of the brush impeller in place of the previous normal impellers.

The skimmer, probably thanks to the silicone feet, it is extremely quiet, so that is really difficult to understand if it is switched on.

The noise level measured at 1 meter from the sump with the doors open and all the equipments turned off except the return pump, shows a noise level equal to 45.9 dB, measured with the skimmer running and with the skimmer off. A remarkable value that bears a remarkable values of acoustic comfort. In practice we can’t heard it. Very impressive!

The sound level meter is, as usual, the VOLTCRAFT 320, IEC 651 Digital Sound Level Meter Type II that for these measures is sufficiently reliable. Given the nature of the noise to be measured, all measurements were performed with the attenuation curve dBA.

Maintenance costs

If we considered the PSK700 as a pump for the skimmer, we would have a consumption of 20 watts, which would result in an annual consumption of 175 kwh, multiplied by an average cost of 0.26 euro for watt (in italy) of energy leads to an annual cost of about 45 , 5 euros, a price all in all more than acceptable.

If we considered in fact the cost of maintaining the previous NS2000 equipped with one Eheim 1260 we would have in fact a consumption equal to 570 kwh and 148 euros respectively. A great saving for a skimmer that Elos says to have the same filtering capacity.

Besides there is another fundamental difference, the heating in the tank, moving from the old skimmer equipped with Eheim 1260 to new PS2000 I got a drop in temperature measured in the tank by 1 celsius degree. Another remarkable achievement for those who have the old skimmer and wants to buy the new.


The Elos skimmer PS2000 is a really well made, incredible beautiful, but the cost is very high, fully justified for its construction and materials used, and for the comprehensive project, since it is sold on the site Elos in Europe to 913 euros + VAT.

His performances are however very related to the water level in sump which must be kept extremely under control.

Obviously it is also necessary to underline the extreme quietness of the skimmer and the ease of cleaning.

I think it’s appropriate for an average aquarium around 400 liters, but for aquariums entirely dedicated to SPS hard corals is necessary to decrease a little that number, and not exceed 300 liters if you want to maintain water quality almost oligotrophic.

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