Snorkeling with Dolphins and New Ikelite Toys

by | Mar 9, 2016 | Reef, Science, Technology | 0 comments

Good morning friends, I did a fun dolphin dive with Aimee yesterday; she was free-diving while yours truly cheated and had a tank, there’s no way I can hold my breath as long as she can! Our goal was to try and get some photos of Aimee using the new state of the art, shallow use, underwater housing from our friends at IKELITE. Many times, taking anything new in the water with the dolphins means good luck finding the dolphins as they are not big fans of new technology. So as you see here, Aimee is training one of them to stop in front of the camera and pose for a photo – but not without a little attitude as you can see from all those bubbles coming out of her blowhole, she looks like an erupting volcano.  MORE


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