Strawberry Shortcake Spawning Event

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Carins Marine just shared an awesome new video on their facebook page – they captured a mass spawning of their Strawberry Shortcake coral (Acropora microclados).

Originating from The Great Barrier Reef off the coast of Australia, the  Strawberry Shortcake usually has a bright, light green base and vibrant pink or red corallites, though some (rarer) variations have yellow between the pink and green, and others are completely pink. This Acropora is recommended for more experienced aquarists, it needs to be kept in very high-quality water; but in the right hands, it can become quite a showpiece, and responds with beautifully vibrant coloration when housed in a tank with low nitrates and phosphates.

strawberry shortcake coral - reefsBroadcast feeders, they eat tiny foods like marine zooplankton, oyster eggs, and NutriGorg mixed with Acropower, and prefers to rest on rockwork or rubble nearer the top of the tank, in a high-flow area. A small polyp stony coral, it does best when kept in an aquarium with primarily SPS and LPS corals, and will struggle if exposed to the toxins released by many soft corals. Requiring strong lighting for good color and health, the Strawberry Shortcake is most successful when positioned under a higher-powered LED or Metal Halide. This tabling coral is a peaceful tankmate, and will perform beautifully for the reefkeeper willing to give it the attention it requires and deserves.

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