Top 3 Products of 2021

You’ve thrown a great celebration, given lots of gifts, eaten tons of food, and cleaned and cleaned and cleaned. Now what?! It’s time to take that holiday bonus/gift card/spending money and buy yourself (or your favorite reefer) a new gadget for the New...

Newly Designed Tunze Osmolator Revealed

Nano Osmolator current version and Gen 2 shown on the table Tunze is coming out with a new Osmolator (Version 2) design that is going to be a complete redesign of the popular Osmolator auto-top-off devices. While this model is more intended to replace the Nano, it can handle larger aquariums also. Tunze plans to market this more as a stand alone, economy version compared to the deluxe model and it was not developed specifically for nano aquariums. Tunze is being pretty tight lipped about this but now know that they have been working on the new design for about 5 years with several different prototypes being developed along the way. Tunze has been teasing some of their new products as of late and most of their