Reef Environmental and Education Foundation Capture a Picasso Triggerfish in Florida

The Miami Herald just reported that a Lagoon Triggerfish (AKA Picasso Triggerfish) was captured near Fort Lauderdale last month. A team of five volunteer divers from the Reef Environmental and Education Foundation (REEF) tracked and removed the uninvited guest after it was reported by a person snorkeling near Sunrise Boulevard. The Miami Herald goes on the report that fish is the ninth non-native removed from South Florida waters since REEF and USGS started a program known as “Early Detection/Rapid Response” in 2008. There are several species of snakes and other animals including lionfish that compete against or prey upon endemic species. Releasing non-native species into the wild can be very disruptive or detrimental

Rad Reefs on the Big Island of Hawaii

Aloha Mai Kakou, Exploring coastlines and finding underwater creatures has been a passion of mine since childhood.  Growing up in coastal Florida, I kept what I caught locally in home aquariums before landing my high school job at a burgeoning exotic pet store and...