Lightning Set To Strike!

As if there aren’t enough reasons to attend the 2014 Marine Breeder’s Workshop next month in Bloomfield Hills, MI, a shocking raffle donation was announced earlier today! Thanks to Blue Zoo Aquatics and Sea and Reef Aquaculture, attendees of the Workshop...

Karen Brittain to Make Rare Appearance at the 2014 MBI Workshop

The Marine Breeding Initiative is gearing up for yet another one of their MBI Workshops, which is slated for July 14th, and while the speaker lineup has been public record for some time now, the show’s organizers made a huge announcement late yesterday regarding the addition of one more. Joining the already star studded cast of subject matter experts is famed aquarium breeder, Karen Brittain. This is huge news for us fish nerds, as Karen is basically a legend of the hobby. Karen is well-known in aquarium breeding circles, having been doing it for what seems like an eternity. She has seen success with breeding Amphiprion latezonatus clownfish, and undertook difficult projects in breeding bandit angelfish, watanabe angelfish, and interruptus angelfish. Since living aquarium legends speak to aquarium groups all of the time, you might wonder why Karen’s “appearance” at the MBI Workshop is so surprising. Well, Karen resides in Hawaii, which makes traveling to aquarium shows a little bit costly and difficult. On top of that, she’s quite reclusive, not basking in the glory of the trade but toiling away in the “trenches” of fish breeding. That statement is not meant to be a knock on those experts who run the aquarium speaking circuit regularly, but instead it is meant to be commentary on just how significant her appearance is at the MBI Workshop.

MBI Workshop is Less Than Two Weeks Away

The MBI Workshop is the only marine aquarium conference that is dedicated strictly to captive breeding and nothing else, and this year’s gathering is just around the corner. In less than two weeks, aquarium breeders from around the globe will join together at the Cranbrook Institute of Science to listen to world renowned guest speakers and share their experience with breeding marine ornamentals. The guest speaker list is composed of Matthew Carberry, Chad Clayton, Martin Moe and David Watson, with a lunch breaking the day into two even blocks. The conference opens up to the public at 8:30 am on July 13th, closing with its final guest speaker at 4:15 pm. Unlike other aquarium conferences, the MBI Workshop won’t focus on the latest and greatest aquarium gear. Instead, these guys and gals will do nothing more than chat about breeding stuff, a cause we wish we had more time to invest in. In addition to the single day workshop, this particular event is flanked by before and after get togethers that are sure to be fun. If you’ve ever hobknobbed with us aquarium nerds, then you know what we’re talking about. Tickets are sold online only (see link at the top of this page) to the tune of $45, and it gets you into full event including all of the speakers, lunch during the workshop, and even the Sunday BBQ. So, if you’re interested in marine breeding and have a free weekend on July 13th, be sure to swing by and say hello.

Marine Breeder’s Workshop 2013

You’ve seen the black shirts…this is what it’s all about. Workshop Preview by Tal Sweet Since 2010 the Marine Breeder’s Workshop has been at the forefront of captive breeding events in North America. The Workshop is part of the Marine Breeding Initiative (MBI, and was created to bring some of the biggest names in marine ornamental fish and invertebrate captive breeding together in one place to speak about various topics related to captive breeding. MBI participants attending the workshop might be recognized for personal breeding accomplishments. The concept of the Workshop is to provide attendees with the latest information and plenty of time to interact with the speakers and other breeders in an intimate setting. The first event, in 2010, was the first time that Dr. Matthew Wittenrich and Mathew Pedersen were able to speak about the topic at the same event. Other past speakers include: Eric Cassiano, Todd Gardner, Jay Hemdal, Randy Reed, Richard Ross and Dan Underwood. This year’s list of speakers continues the tradition of exceptional people talking about the latest in saltwater breeding. Matthew Carberry – Sustainable Aquatics Chad Clayton – Reed Mariculture – Culturing rotifers and copepods for use in marine ornamental larviculture Martin Moe – Structure and operation of a unique culture system for rearing the larvae of Diadema antillarum, the long-spined sea urchin of Atlantic coral reefs David Watson – Cardinalfish, beyond Banggai, with tips on constructing a larval rearing system for the small fishroom Veterinarian David Watson will talk about his experiences breeding Cardinalfish, being one of the few (if not only) aquarists to successfully breed the Pajama and Margaritophorus Cardinalfishes at home. This year’s Workshop is held at the Cranbrook Institute of Science in Bloomfield Hills, MI. on Saturday, July 13, 2013. The Cranbrook Science Institute will be home to the MBI Workshop for the 4th year in a row. There is an informal reception at the host hotel on Friday evening. The Workshop kicks off at 9AM on Saturday and includes lunch at noon. On Sunday afternoon there will be a lakeside BBQ at Fishtal Propagations in nearby Waterford, MI. For more information or to register, visit – Tal Sweet is the co-founder of the Marine Breeding Initiative and proprietor of Fishtal Propagations, a home-based marine fish hatchery in Southeast Michigan. CORAL Magazine & are proud sponsors of the 2013 Marine Breeder’s Workshop.