Microalgae, Why Grow It?

Microalgae. We have all heard of the microscopic organisms that use light to grow. But why should we raise it? In the ocean, microalgae is at the bottom of the food chain. The plankton feed of it, get energy, and give that energy to the fish and crustaceans that eat...

Reef Nutrition Introduces Beta-Brine™

Reed Mariculture / Reef Nutrition has announced the release of their new Beta-Brine™ prepared & enriched adult brine shrimp fish food. This new offering is available starting August 5th, 2013, and expands Reef Nutrition’s existing lines of macro-feeds for fish and invertebrates. Reef Nutrition’s new Beta-Brine™ fish and invert food. Other foods in this line include R.O.E. Real Oceanic Eggs™, Arcti-Pods®, and Mysis-Feast®, as well as herbivorous offerings Macro-Feast® and Fuzzy-Phytes®. Per Reef Nutrition literature: Beta-Brine is super-concentrated enriched Artemia salina. Beta-Brine Artemia are naturally enriched with beta-carotene because they feed on phytoplankton (Dunaliella) that has exceptionally high beta-carotene content. Beta-Brine Artemia have been aquacultured in Western Australian salt ponds, distantly located from urban population centers and pollution sources. Beta-Brine Artemia are harvested while actively feeding upon marine phytoplankton for maximum nutrition. No freshwater phytoplankton has been added. For more information on this new feed, including analysis and use, visit http://reefnutrition.com/beta_brine.php