Acropora loisettae

Acropora loisettae I have a special fondness for this week’s coral having originally collected a small colony from Bali about 12 or 13 years ago which ultimately grew to become a stunning specimen. At the time, the Acropora loisettae or Blue Tip Green Stag was rather hard to obtain which justified my pride in having collected this one.  Fragging it for many people over the years was a pleasure and I typically sold it for about $60.00 for a  1 – 2″ frag.  Despite harvesting frags from the colony, it still became the size of a basketball in just two years time. As Acropora loiettae has become more readily available it is more easily obtained and a 1.5″ frag can be purchased from Unique Corals for a mere $24.00.

Acid Patchwork Echinophyllia from Unique Corals Burns Up Our Retinas

We’ve seen some pretty awesome chalices in our day, but this one is probably going to rank right up near the top of our list of all time favorites. Called the Acid Patchwork Echinophyllia, this rainbow colored colony from Unique Corals is totally different from the other multi-colored chalices that we’ve come across in recent years. Undoubtedly, there has been a huge explosion of out-of-this-world chalices, but this one differs from the rest of the pack in that its colors look like they were dripped onto the coral canvas. Most of the chalices we’ve seen have a distinct separation of colors, but the Acid Patchwork piece blends and layers the colors so much better. According to Unique Corals, this maricultured chalice has been in captivity for several weeks, maintaining its ‘”acid-etched” conglamoration of color’ under LED lighting. The price on this insane coral was set at just under $1100, but it has been marked as “out of stock” on the site.

Corals for Cancer

It seems like everyone I know is either related to or knows of someone with cancer.  Cancer is a complex, life-threatening disease which affects millions and there are over 200 different kinds of cancer!!...

The Unique Corals Supernova Scolymia is Absolutely Out of This World

To say that we have an obsession with those big, beautiful Scolymia australis corals is a bit of an understatement. We just can’t get enough of them, whether its watching videos of them inhaling various food items or just gazing at vivid pictures. In our constant perusal of Scoly web content, we always randomly find one or two that put all of the others to shame, but this latest beauty from Unique Corals has really raised the bar for this coral species altogether. Appropriately dubbed the Supernova Scolymia, this amazing piece has out of this world coloration. In fact, it is the best coloration of any Scoly that we’ve laid eyes on, even surpassing the beauty of those legendary ‘Master Scolys’. The 2.5″ WYSIWYG specimen is currently listed at $498, but we don’t expect it to stay on the Unique Corals site much longer, assuming it is still there when this article publishes.