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During Interzoo in Nuremberg, Teco has unveiled the new Tank Chiller Line, a new range of revolutionary chillers. Today we present to you the video presentation.

Yesterday the Interzoo exhibition opened in Nuremberg and, during this fair, Teco finally reveals to the public its new range of chillers, the series Tank Chiller Line.

Teco has created a video presentation that runs through the various features, from small TK 150, up to 3 larger chillers, the TK 500, TK 1000 and TK 2000.

Overall, we are talking about an increase of C.O.P. (coefficient of performance), which varies from 1.6 for the smallest one to 2.2 of the largest TK 2000, this means that with 100 watt they can create from 160 to 220 watts in cooling. A truly remarkable.

But now we can watch the video presentation, with all the characteristics and peculiarities of these brand new chillers.

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