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Rossmont has just announced a new product: Waver, a frequency modulator that adjusts an aquarium pump’s flow rate!

In an earlier review, we lamented the fixed rate feature of the Rossmont Mover M5800, but today that gap has finally been filled in an elegant and practical way: the new Waver is just what we need to adjust the flow rate of our pumps. We can still use the same pumps, but now they will behave exactly how we want them to – with an adjustable flow!

Each Waver will be able to control up to two pumps; the device has two separate independent channels.

This news is a nice surprise for anyone who owns Rossmont Mover pumps! You won’t need to buy new pumps, but if you want to buy another pair, you won’t be charged the higher price of an electronic pump! Rossmont is eager to let everyone know that they are the first manufacturer to produce a controller for aquarium pumps powered by a voltage supply (230VAC – 50 Hz in Italy), meaning that they won’t be presenting new “electronic” pump models that may be different from those already on the market.

Any model of Rossmont Mover from the M3400 to the newest MX15200 (reviewed here), are compatible with the Waver; simply plug them in to the device rather than to the wall socket. Since there isn’t a separate power supply for the pumps and for the controller, we foresee superior reliability, as well as a better-organized tank cabinet, thanks to the absence of too many connection cables.

A similar product attempt was made by Limulus (remember?) roughly 10 years ago, with modules able to adjust the frequency of old pumps like Tunze 6000 and 6100 in a rudimentary way. The controller we’re previewing today, however, is manufactured by the company itself, which makes us believe it will have better performance and reliability.

Of course, the big question is whether or not this controller might be used with pumps from other brands! The company hasn’t released any information about this, but we theorize that as Limulus was calibrated only for tunze pumps, the Waver will only be compatible with Rossmont pumps. We will definitely test this when and if we get our hands on a device to review for you.

I will leave you with a demonstration video made by Rossmont:

The company has not yet reported the price and the various control functions available; but we will be sure to share that information with you as soon as possible.

[translated by Giorgia Lombardi]

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