The spectacular new pumps by Abyzz and a special mangrove swamp at Interzoo 2022

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Abyzz had a beautiful booth with their wonderful pumps and some aquariums on display, among which there was a very special one.

The booth was shared with ITC ReefCulture, who we will talk about in a separate article. For now, let’s just focus on Abyzz and their aquarium! It was closed on top with slanting glass. There wasn’t any trick! The level was in the rear part of the aquarium, which was elevated. I called it a mangrove swamp, maybe incorrectly, but it seemed the most fitting description. But it was definitely a lagoon without corals: it had big seaweeds and Anemone and beautiful fish that we don’t see in a reef aquarium. Very beautiful and spectacular!

So, before we go on, here is our video about Abyzz‘s booth at Interzoo 2022 so that you can see the aquarium, even though the clip is quite short.

Abyzz’s booth at Interzoo 2022 in our video

Clicking on the link will send you directly to the part about Abyzz, but you can also watch the rest. The video is in Italian, you only have to turn the English subs on! Enjoy!

Let’s continue with some photos of the aquarium!

Here you can see the peculiar shape of the aquarium. It’s inspiring! It forces us to do something like that. We really liked it.

Another aquarium at Abyzz’s booth was this minireef with very thick glass. Another unusual set up.

But let’s talk about pumps!

Abyzz also presented their new A series pumps. The A100, A200 and A400 are pictured below. Three incredible pumps, extremely powerful and reliable. Moreover, they can all be connected to an Apex computer and controlled with that.

These are not inexpensive, but those who chose Abyzz are awarded with great reliability. Let’s see the technical characteristics in comparison.

 Abyzz A100Abyzz A200Abyzz A400
Rate8.500 l/h17.000 l/h23.500 l/h
Head6 m8,8 m12,5 m
Power consumption100 w200 w400 w
Price1.279,00 €1.599,00 €2.199,00 €
Reference value25.50074.800147.000
Efficiency85 l/h per w85 l/h per w58,75 l/h per w
Economic efficiency6,6 l/h per €10,6 l/h per €10,7 l/h per €

The pumps are controlled through their own controller but, as we said, you can also purchase the module to connect them to Apex.

The new titanium motion pump

The new Abyzz Flow Cannon AFC150 motion pump is built from grade 2 titanium and high quality plastics. The shell and the propeller are titanium, the blades are plastic. The maximum rate is 60,000 liters/hour and the blades do 264 spins per minute, though Abyzz‘s only claims 54,000 l/h of rate and “only” 238 spins per minute.

Technical characteristics of the Abyzz Flow Cannon AFC150

  • Submerged mounting only, minimum operating depth: 40 cm
  • Flow (in operation) : 54,000l/h (238gpm)
  • Maximum flow: 60,000l/h (264gpm)
  • Power consumption: 4-150W
  • Maximum depth of use: 2.5m
  • Cable length: 3m
  • Price: 2.449 euro ($2500.00 USD)
  • Maximum efficiency (lxw): 400 liters per watt
  • Economic efficiency (lxeuro): 24.5 liters per euro

The pump doesn’t stand out for its economic efficiency; you’re going to pay for this great rate, but the technical efficiency is spectacular, and such a rate isn’t within reach of all pumps.


For further information about Abyzz‘s products, visit their official website. We also invite you to watch our videodocumentary about Interzoo 2022.

Abyzz’s booth at Interzoo 2022

[Translated by Agnese Poggi]

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