Tiny Centropyge joculators at Global Reef Supply

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Global Reef SupplyWhen people think of aquatic wholesalers the first city to come to mind is generally Los Angeles. While there is literally an entire street full of them there, we do have some great wholesalers in the midwest. One of my go-to wholesalers is Global Reef Supply just outside of Chicago, which is staffed by some of the most knowledgeable, hardworking and honest people in the industry. While mainly providing an incredible selection of Australian and Indonesian corals, every so often they have other offerings, one which recently piqued my angelfish nut interest with the incredible Centropyge joculator. Not only were all of these fish in perfect health, they were the tiniest specimens these eyes have ever borne witness to.


Long view of just two of the coral holding raceways at GRS.

Unfortunately I wasn’t prepared with my camera, but I did take a video of these little cuties. Note my thumbnail in video is 3/4″ wide for size reference. Most were already sold, but if you act fast you may still get your hands on one of the more elusive angelfish in the industry. If you’re a hobbyist make sure to tell your LFS or favorite supplier to get in contact with Global Reef Supply as these guys are wholesale only.

  • Austin Lefevre

    Austin Lefevre founded and owns Aqua Box, a group of passionate professionals who bring unique aquarium systems to fruition worldwide and offer fully quarantined and conditioned fishes to the US retail market. Austin has been a bonafide fish nerd for his entire life. When the kids in elementary school were reading Dr. Seuss, Austin was reading Jacques Cousteau. He's been in the aquarium industry since 2002 working in local fish stores, coral farms, and headed up a fish breeding program. He's been an avid SCUBA diver since the age of 12 and consistently seeks new aquatic adventures.


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