A lot of people in this hobby have come to the conclusion that there is too little scientific method being used to make decisions related to how to maintain their reef. Guess what, they’re absolutely right.  Every day another manufacturer comes out with a new product that makes claims to enhance the quality of your tank with no published science behind it.  What happened to peer review and statistics?  In the age of marketing, pure science has taken a backseat to fancy labels and bottles.  But alas, some people are still doing real work and making developments in areas that have been abandoned for a long time.  Take for example this article about fish cognitive abilities.  Look at how little it costs to make a serious addition to the world of aquarium science!  A goldfish!  That’s it.  Think outside the box, use a bit of ingenuity and you’re sure to find that there is a wealth of ways to advance the hobby without expending a ton of money.

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