Triton Labs Releases CYA-NO Biological Cyanobacteria Treatment

by | Feb 14, 2020 | Supplements | 0 comments

Earlier this week we announced a new in-tank bacterial treatment that treats STN (Slow Tissue Necrosis) and RTN (Rapid Tissue Necrosis) in corals and now Triton Labs is back in the spotlight with a product called CYA-NO.

About CYA-NO

Anyone who has been in the aquarium hobby for any length of time has probably faced an outbreak of cyanobacteria at one time or another, it can be a very unsightly and a difficult problem to overcome. Unlike most cyanobacteria treatments, CYA-NO is a cyanobacteria inhibitor which aids in preventing the growth of the most common forms of cyanobacteria.

CYA-NO works by creating an environment that promotes the development of beneficial organisms that compete with the cyanobacteria and help to slowly shift conditions MORE

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