Tunze Smart Controller 7000: a preview of the new multicontroller

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Tunze Smart Controller 7000

Presented at Interzoo 2016, the Tunze Smart Controller 7000 is finally in our hands to be tested, along with the also new Tunze Turbelle Stream 3, which we spoke about a few weeks ago (article).

The Tunze Smart Controller 7000 is an all in one controller, according to Tunze itself. In other words, it’s one device that allows us to control all the electric pumps and LED ceiling lights by Tunze. Additionally, it’s possible to measure and set the temperature, the pH, and the CO2 system, just with this one device.

We obtained the base version of the device; the box simply contained the multicontroller with the thermometer.

There are 4 outlets on the controller, which can be doubled with a Y cable (16,20 euro, $18 US). The controller creates an independent WiFi connection by which it can be set. Then, if you set the same data in your WiFi connection, you can have internet access to all the connected devices.

tunze pump

Now let’s analyze what types of movement the Smart Controller 7000 can create with the electric pumps.

The Pumps menu of the Tunze Smart Controller 7000

The Pumps menu in the controller has the following possibilities:

  • Pulse mode – waves simulation;
  • Interval mode – tide simulation;

With these two modalities, you can create various effects in the aquarium. In fact, you can even add the storm and the night mode, but I suggest not doing that, as the corals need strong water movement even at night.

The Pauses mode allows you to create tides with the use of two annular streams in the aquarium. This mode is very interesting because in addition to the storm and night effects, you can continue to use the pumps for the wave simulation.

With the controller now we can do a proper review.

Tunze Smart Controller 7000

The Tunze Smart Controller 7000 is the latest incarnation in the evolution of Tunze controllers, in which we remember the multicontroller 7096 that we reviewed some years ago. It permits us to control from 4 to 8 pumps and measures the temperature. Moreover, with a set of optional accessories, it can regulate temperature, pH,  CO2, and all the led ceiling lights by tunze. If you want to read more about the ceiling lights, here’s a review of Ecochic that we wrote some months ago.

This multicontroller costs 299 euro ($337 US). Sure it’s the double of the multicontroller 7096 USB, but the various possibilities that it offers are way better, plus it’s very simple to set and regulate.

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