Twine: Another Aquarium Gadget?

by | Jan 4, 2012 | Equipment, Technology | 0 comments
This little box is something called Twine, right now it’s a well funded Kickstarter program to build these small devices with a multitude of sensors to detect conditions in your home.  The device is powered for “weeks” on two AA batteries and can be configured to send alerts via SMS, email or Twitter regarding a number of conditions that could be configured.  For example, you can have it email you when your floor is wet from a flood condition, or you could put one on top of your skimmer to tell you when to empty your collection cup, really the possibilities are endless.  The unit has a nice web frontend allowing you to configure all of the behavior and notifications.  Since this project is fully funded you can get in now at a low price and get them as soon as they are available.  Some additional details on the Wired Gadget site HERE.

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