UltraReef Typhoon UKS 250 is a skimmer for 2,000 liter aquariums

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UltraReef presents its new and enormous skimmer, the Typhoon UKS 250, based upon the new Sicce electric pump.

This is the highest-performing skimmer available to the public from the Italian builder. It is powered by the new electric pump PSK 4000 by Sicce. 

In 2018, the company plans to release the UKS 300 and 400.

Obviously this is an internal skimmer, meant to be used exclusively in-sump.

Technical characteristics of the UltraReef Typhoon UKS 250

  • Marine aquarium dimensions: from 700 to 2000 liters;
  • Foaming pump: sicce PSK 4000;
  • Treated air: from 500 to 2,300 l/h;
  • Treated water: from 1,500 to 3,000 l/h;
  • Consumption: from 16 to 58 watt;
  • Dimensions: base 45×35 cm or 53×35 cm;
  • Height: 65 cm;
  • Level of water required: 18-22 mm.

In the following picture, you can see the design of the base of this powerful skimmer, with the various possibilities it allows, depending on where the foaming/supply joint is placed.

schiumatoio UltraReef Typhoon UKS 250: ingombro e dimensioni

The pump out of the skimmer has the inconvenience of occupying more space in sump, but at the same time it’s easier to handle. Moreover, UltraReef wants us to know that the external supply limits the load losses thanks to an internal pump. It’s different than what we’re used to seeing in skimmers. There’s not the big central part anymore.

Another important detail is that the height of the water column increases a lot, in comparison to the same skimmer with an inner pump.

Pump and foaming

The use of an electric pump permits a punctual control and, considering the great amount of air used, it also provides for an easy start up. With such high values of water and air, over 2,000 l/h, the problem is being able to control the skimmer the first time you insert it in the aquarium. That’s why it’s very convenient to start with a low flow rate, and increase it slowly during the first month of use.

We remind you that the pump UKS 250 is a DC pump, so it’s safer when is in contact with the water than an AC pump.

schiumatoio UltraReef Typhoon UKS 250: resa della pompa di schiumazione

Pictured above is the chart with the course of the air taken in and treated by the UKS 250, which reaches the same value at around 43-44 watts of power absorbed by the pump.

Final Details

The skimmer is entirely built in Italy, and is constructed by numerical control machines on solid PVC blocks. The screws are titanium (as they should be in a quality skimmer), a material which guarantees not to rust or oxidize in an environment like salty water. Also, UltraReef is certified by ISO 9001.

The skimmer costs 1.499 euro, vat included. It’s certainly a conspicuous price, but in perspective, it has an efficiency of 2 liters per euro. At maximum power, we’re talking about an annual maintenance cost of 58*24*365/1000*0.28=142 euro.


Here below there some interesting articles for the management of your own skimmer:

[Translated by Agnese Poggi]

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