reefs.comCoppsUpdate4Towards the end of January we shared the progress of well-known reefer John Coppolino’s new massive aquarium system. He recently shared some new breathtaking pictures of the main display aquarium. Staying true to his word, we can already see a myriad of fish species, notably the inclusion of many smaller schooling species. Of course lets not discount the amazing array of angelfishes that we can already spy! It looks like many of John’s massive Acropora colonies have already been added, and at this point the sheer size of the aquarium makes them look like frags. John noted that final coral placement is to be determined, but as expected this is quickly turning into a dream aquarium. Keep the updates coming and keep up the great work, John! More pictures after the break. 


The angel-nut in me is drawn towards any Pomacanthidae. Here we can see a gorgeous Pomacanthus navarchus, and a pair of my favorite species of damselfishes, Chrysiptera starcki.


The Centropyge colini steals the show in this shot, but let’s not pretend we don’t all see the Zebrasoma gemmatum hanging out in the foreground.


For me this shot really shows us just how large this aquarium is. Look how tiny the Pseudanthias squamipinnis look all the way across the tank!

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