VideoGuide – How to Install and Set the Teco TK 500 Chiller

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We are proud to present a video-guide for the installation of the Teco TK 500 chiller.

In the video below, you can see the unboxing of this device, and the installation with wires, zip-ties and more. We review the correct positioning of the air intake and how to prepare the cabinet to place the chiller. Finally, there is an explanation of the several buttons and how to set it.

We used TK 500, but the guide is the same for its big brothers TK 1000 and TK 2000, which are virtually identical; the only difference is the height.

TK 500 is a chiller from the Italian company Teco, which we reviewed very positively a few years ago. So for any information about it, you can refer to our review that you can see here.

The videoguide of Teco TK500 installation

The video, as our tradition, is fully in 4K, and the music, as always, is of the Italian songwriter GianLuca Rughi.

Comments and criticism, as always, are welcome.

But most of all, do you like how the guide was performed? Or do you prefer a voiceover?

[Translated by Federico Lavezzi]

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