Whimar MagnetScraper 4 – the ultimate magnet?

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I’m always looking for the right accessory, and since my Easy Blade doesn’t work anymore, I needed something to replace it. What I found was the Whimar Magnet Scraper 4.

I was looking for a real blade to get rid of the most stubborn algae, and one that would work with my 15 mm glass. As a bonus, the Whimar Magnet Scraper 4 also comes with a plastic blade for acrylic aquariums.

So the choice was rather easy, especially because it was recommended by a friend of mine (right, Michele?). So I placed the order and in a few days it arrived.

The package of the Whimar Magnet Scraper 4

The packaging is spectacular, and inside is a very well-finished box (except for the adhesive) with an expanded cell filling that keeps the magnets and the scrapers in their place.

The two magnets inside are good for glasses up to 25 mm thick!!! So their force of attraction is very strong. Be careful!

Similar to the Easy Blade, the Whimar Magnet Scraper 4 is already equipped with a scrape holder.

There are two scrapes, one with a metal blade for glass and the other with a plastic blade for acrylic.

The blades are very practical, but they are difficult to insert and remove, because you have to press the central button and pull hard. The first time I feared that I broke something… but then I understood how to do it properly.

The magnet can be used even without the two blades, relying only on the abrasive material, like any other magnet.

How does it work?

The attraction force is very strong. I only had magnets for 15mm glasses before, and using one that can manage up to 25mm is incredible. It surely won’t get lost in the aquarium.

Moreover, even if it should come off, the magnet floats, so it wouldn’t be a problem.

Because of its force, however, I had a problem with getting it to glide smoothly, because it has too much friction. It’s a pity because the magnet is so adherent it’s spectacular. It cleans everything. Before, I had trouble even with a blade, but with this magnet I can clean almost everywhere with the only inferior part.

By inserting the metal scrape it obviously becomes easier to clean, even in the corners.

The spare blades should be available in a short time.


According to me, it’s the perfect magnet. Well, the model for 25 mm maybe has accentuated some faults… But there are magnets for glasses of 6, 10, and 16 mm. Very good for both glass and acrylic… What else do you need?

The only point against is the price. The magnet is 43,70 euro ($48.25 USD) online, but the street price is actually 34,95 euro. ($38.60)

[Translated by Agnese Poggi]

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