Zoomark 2017: ReeFlowers comes to Italy for the first time

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At Zoomark 2017, we finally had the chance to meet the brand ReeFlowers.

ReeFlowers, which comes from Turkey, has existed since 2009, but this is the first time that we have seen it in Italy. We like this name because it’s a contraction of Reef and Flowers, and indeed it suggests the importance of the corals for this brand.

ReeFlowers began producing aquariums additives under the name of RFL Chemicals, and its catalog currently contains around 60 products.  It has had a good response in Turkey and with its clients, so it decided to introduce itself to the Italian market, and used Zoomark as its jumping-off point.

At Zoomark we met Marcello Firrincieli who is the Italian supplier, and Muharrem Ceribas, the general manager of the brand.

ReeFlowers products

ReeFlowers products are designed for the needs of the marine aquarium, and include like balling products, trace elements, calcium products and kalkwasser (calcareous water), coloring products and marine salt; for fresh water: trace elements, bioconditionings, and products for pH correction; a specific protocol for fresh water aquariums dedicated to plants; sands and pound bottoms.

reeflowers kh
Pictured above, for example, is their Kh Blend and Pure Kh, two products to help increase carbonates in the aquarium and to manage the balling method. Notice the beautiful packages they have.

reeflowers supplements

Here there are trace elements, Minor & Trace & All Elements and also Kh Blend, which we have already seen.

reeflowers trace elements
And here the Ionic Balancer and the Ionic Mineral Salt. Do you agree with us that ReeFlowers has amazing graphics?

reeflowers booth

Here you can see the staff presenting their products.

reeflowers salt

And here are ReeFlowers‘ sands, including Pearl White and Natural AquaSand.

reeflowers booth

And that’s how the booth was at Zoomark 2017.

If you want to know more about ReeFlowers and its products, we invite you visit the homepage through the links below. As always, we remind you of our Editorial, if you want to know more about the Zoomark 2017 exhibition.
Homepage ReeFlowers
Zoomark 2017 Editorial
[Translated by Agnese Poggi]

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