Zoomark 2017: Tunze’s booth with a plethora of products on show

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tunze zoomark
came back to Zoomark this year, after skipping the last conference. Its return is accompanied by a huge number of products.

At Zoomark 2017, Tunze‘s booth was definitely a pragmatic one. It had just a small table for contacts, little publicity, and all the space was devolved to their products. Many of these products were already presented at Interzoo in Nuremberg last year, but this was the first time that many of them were presented in Italy.

Tunze Smart Controller 7000

Let’s start with the controller. The Smart Controller 7000 allows users to control up to 4 pumps and to see the data on the display. You can also supervise, visualize, and modify the pH and the temperature of the aquarium. Moreover, it can control the tunze LED lamps. It serves as a thermostat and it can control the switching on and off of the heaters and chillers; it can open and close the control solenoid valve of the CO2 for the calcium reactor. A few weeks ago we dedicated a preview to it (here) and as soon as we test it sufficiently we will write our review.

tunze controller

Tunze Turbelle Stream 3 6150

The most interesting tool in the booth was the new pump tunze Turbelle Stream3 6150. It’s a pump with a flow rate from 2,500 l/h to 15,000 l/h (6X), with a consumption from 3.5 to 50 watt. So its efficiency is about 300 liters per watt. We’re actually testing it (here) and we’re amazed by its power, though its size doesn’t make it easily concealable.

tunze stream 3

tunze was surely aware of this problem so it also released a stream rock for the Stream 3.

tunze stream rock

They’re not technically new products but we could appreciate all the different tunze skimmers and the whole array of motion pumps.

If you want to know more about Tunze and its new products, we invite you to visit their homepage through the links below.
Homepage Tunze
Zoomark 2017 Editorial
[Translated by Agnese Poggi]

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