Aquashella Dallas 2023 – Quantum USA Presents Easy E & Z

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As reef keepers, we are constantly supplementing the holy trinity of calcium, alkalinity, and magnesium, which is
being consumed by the corals and other animals in our aquariums. Over the last 10-15 years, we have come to understand that corals need more in order to thrive. Hobbyists started to dose various metals, ions, trace nutrients, and have been experiencing success in pulling out some amazing growth and colors from these beautiful animals.

Manufacturers have become aware of the needs of the consumers, and have been evolving and adapting as well. Instead of dosing many things at different times, companies have been finding ways to simplify this to make it easier for the hobbyists, as well as reducing the unintended human or mechanical errors that can potentially nuke a system.

During Aquashella Dallas 2023, we met up with our friends from Quantum USA to talk about their newest release: Easy Reefer Line Up, which does exactly what we are talking about above in Easy E and Easy Z. These products condense everything you need into 2 bottles so that you can easily dose in just 2 simple steps.

Quantum USA created an app where you can calculate the proper dosage for your aquarium by using the water volume and consumption rate. They are extremely concentrated products (only 10% of their liquid is water) and a little goes a long way, and it’s extremely important to follow their dosage instructions while utilizing their app to calculate the right dosage. Start slow.

For example, for calcium carbonate at a water volume of 100g, to raise 5ppm of calcium it would take 51.18ml while Easy Z counterpart requires just 17ml to raise the same amount of calcium in the same amount of water volume.

For alkalinity, to raise 0.1 dkh for 100g of water volume, it would take 14.29ml of sodium bicarbonate while it will take 4ml of Easy E solution.

I was thrilled to find this product because it provides an excellent option for people that are looking for more simple ways to provide what your tank needs without the fear of messing anything up. Let me know in the comments below what you think of this product.

Happy reefing!

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  1. Tony McIlroy

    Sounds great but how about the other trace elements like the tropic Marin product


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