ATI T5 Bulb Comparison

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reefs.comATIcomparisonT5 lighting is still very popular among aquarists, with ATI bulbs generally being the number one choice. “What’s the best bulb combo?” is probably the most frequently discussed topic in the T5 world. For the most part it boils down to personal preference, but without purchasing all the bulbs to try over your own tank the decision can seem daunting. Than Thein, owner of Advanced Reef Aquarium and Tidal Gardens, created these phenomenal videos that cover each bulb individually, as well as several bulb combinations, to help you decide prior to purchase.



Big thanks to Than for taking the time to make these wonderful videos. Shout out to JW Stewart for bringing them to my attention.

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  1. Kevin Brown

    T5 is going no where soon. I love leds and all they have to offer but t5 has its place and imo it is staying!


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