DIY Automated Alkalinity Controller

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reefs.comKHGAt one point or another all reef keepers have dreamt of this device. A constant alkalinity controller that keeps carbonate hardness (KH) rock solid. David Cheng made this dream a reality by building his own “KHG”. “It took me two years to complete it and one year to test correct it.” 

The components were sourced from various suppliers and compiled into this 3D printed body. David lists some the KHG’s impressive capabilities:

  1. The recognition of this KHG is 0.1 dKH.
  2. Uninterrupted continuous testing error value approximately +/- 0.3dKH.
  3. Test range 5 – 12 dKH.
  4. Use single test solution,after the test can be discharged directly into the tank, completely without safety concerns about drug consumption required for each test 3-4cc.
  5. With RJ45 connectors, the distal support network monitoring and control, without having to install any software or APP, to operate directly in the browser.
  6. With SD card, long-term record test-related values.
  7. With KH automatic control,can be based on the current test value set by the user to maintain the KH value, the total water tank of solvent required to carry out the baking soda projections, since Automatically added.
  8. The test period can be automatically set from 30 to 240 minutes, each test takes about 3 minutes.
KHG data collection

KHG Data Collection Log. Credit: 曾柏源

Fifteen handmade units have been dispersed throughout Taiwan for testing as long as sixteen months ago. Beta testers are loving the unit so far leaving excellent reviews.


Credit: David Cheng

Onto the exciting news for the rest of us, “Commercialization is expected 2016 Q3” according to David. We’ll be sure to keep you updated as more information is released on this intriguing new product.

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