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But which would you say your corals thrive under, grow and color pop under. I notice all my blue sps does not do well or reds turn orange and yellows n grrens do well. I think my Sol blue will become a Mangrove light.
Gonna check out rapid led now. I might just go with t5s and see what comes out next year

Well thriving is no question, my corals are growing fast, Sps, zoas, chalices, everything! I think some blues get washed out as far as color.. But I can grow Sps 40 inches below at 50%.. I am more than happy... My gold clams looks much better under t5s, but I can say that I'm disappointed.. Keep in mind, I don't go crazy tryin to dial lights in.. I'll hopefully get pix and video adjusted to capture what I see in the tank..
I just added some yellow rics, pinks, and combo colors that look amazing and correct colors.. Like I said its a 10 vs an 8 for me..


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Simple, get a T5 unit with leds. Problem is, not many exist, and ATI's is absurdly expensive.

Unless Orphek decides to share the spectral plot of their 17000+K led, do not trust them either. They are feeding you marketing BS. I would not trust a company that does not list their corporate HQ on their contact us page. (Hint, its in China). They are no better than what other chinese companies are producing, and are charging you double for it.

This light looks interesting, and they quoted me $275 shipped. You'll need to change the led layout though. You would need to use ~4500k Neutral Whites, royal blues, about 2 660 red, and 6-8 420nm violets. You may not even need the red and violets, as you can supplement that with the T5s. Lots of possible color combos.


Nobody knows if this light is any good though. If it doesn't work as well as I think it will, at least you're only out $275 instead of thousands.

Leds can work though. My tank is thriving.


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Rapid LED does rent Banner space from what I remember.
No I am not a Stealth vendor like some people on here.

They have a product that has been proven, its a company run by professionals which provide timely responses which is a big plus in this hobby.

If you want to come check them out when they go up your more than welcome to. Bring your friends if you want.


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Thats somthing you would have to ask them. it does not say on their site...

Regardless of manufacture it has been in use for a while and is proven to work which is all I need to sell me :)

Right, not debating that but there is a difference in pricing with these chips you have high end and low end and respectively you see on the plot from Richie we put out a higher spike. Free usually = cheap. You have to be aware the violets for the most part are UV chips encapsulated. When that is done with a cheaper brand chip it will eventually degrade the encapsulation exposing UV light into the tank which is not good for coral. And detrimental to all life. Even our eyes. That's where good research takes foothold. I have seen this happen on some high end LED fixtures that does not show unless you really take a look at the chip. But who is going to do that when it is covered by an optic that is focusing that light?
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