Orphek Atlantik P300 – first preview

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2015 06 Plafoniera Orphek Atlantik P300 03
Orphek recently presented a new LED pendant, the Atlantik P300.

Designed specifically for large aquariums, it can successfully replace HQi 1000 watt lamps!

I recently received a pendant for testing, and I’m happy to have the chance to photograph it and share with you the beauty of this fixture. I plan to first test it with my test equipment and then try it with live coral.

It power is similar to the Giesemann Galaxy 500 LED, which I had  the chance to see at  Interzoo in Nuremberg.

2015 06 Plafoniera Orphek Atlantik P300 01
The ATP 300 doesn’t come with a controller, but can be controlled by apex, GHL, or any other controller capable of PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) control. It is also compatible with any 0-10V dimmer and I plan to experiment with this.

The pendant, as you can see from the photographs, is passively cooled; there are no fans or moving parts, and the whole outer shell acts as a huge aluminum heat radiator.

The surface protection of the LEDs is a very good quality acrylic, and is easily replaceable.

The pendant measures 13.78 inches in diameter and 16.34 inches in height.

2015 06 Plafoniera Orphek Atlantik P300 04
The LEDs are 90 Dual Chip 5 watt, but are operating at just under 3 watts to reduce heat and prolong the life of the bulbs, a really clever idea of Orphek. The net power consumption is 240-250 watts.

An interesting feature of this product is that the number and arrangement of the LEDs can be adjusted to suit your needs, it has a standard version, but it can be customized when ordering.

I look forward to testing this beautiful monster and seeing how it will behave in a real aquarium.

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