In this episode we find out what is going on with Wrasses, what is Hunter’s tank like, and what is happening with Reef2Reef & Discrimination.

Time Stamps

00:00:00 Intro
00:00:35 Become a member
00:01:39 Welcome Hunter
00:03:00 Who is Hunter?
00:17:00 Oh, no…
00:17:49 SPONSOR: Terra Reef
00:20:45 BEEF: Reef2Reef & Discrimination
00:56:18 Support Reef Beef
00:58:25 BEEF Continued
01:00:01 CO2 Scrubbers
01:01:47 Reef Beef Book?
01:04:31 Hunter’s Tank
01:09:06 Thanks Hunter!
01:09:51 Beefy BLOOPERS

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Reef Beef – Episode 15 – Wrasses & Rainbows with Hunter Hammond

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