In this episode we talk about mechanical filtration and metal in our equipment.

Time Stamps

00:00:00 Intro
00:00:34 How you doing?
00:01:51 Seasonal RTN continued?
00:13:57 Should Rich Change His Methods?
00:17:53 Rich does water math
00:25:36 SPONSOR: TerraReef
00:28:07 BEEF: Rich’s rusty hose sucking water gun?
00:32:17 Mechanical Filtration
00:47:55 Should Ben visit Rich?
00:49:03 Mechanical Filtration continued
00:56:59 Support Reef Beef!
00:59:58 STORY TIME: No Mechanical Filtration?!
01:09:07 Good Bye
01:09:42 Beefy Bloopers

This article: Episode 16 – Mechanical Filtration

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