Reef Beef – Episode 17 – Control or Not to Control, that is the question. In this episode we talk about blaming cyanide, Ask Reef Beef, and Controllers vs No Controllers.

Time Stamps
00:00:00 Intro
00:00:46 How you doing?
00:04:43 Snowman’s Beef: Was it really Cyanide?
00:13:47 Aquashella, here we come!
00:16:04 Ask Reef Beef
00:26:46 SPONSOR: Unique Corals
00:30:05 Breaking News: No more experiment?
00:32:53 Rich’s Test System & Seasonal RTN
00:35:33 Rich has Neptune’s SKY LED
00:38:52 Controllers & Social Media
00:42:23 Support Reef Beef
00:44:03 MAINS: Controllers?
01:04:35 Rich’s Closed Loop Drama
01:05:38 Closing

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Episode 17 – Control or Not to Control, That is the Question

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