In this episode we hear from Dr. Craig Bingman and all the Beefs he has with us.

Time Stamps

00:00:00 Intro
00:01:05 How is Craig?
00:01:47 LANGUAGE?@#$
00:05:19 LGBTQ, Reef2Reef, & Pride Month
00:09:14 Ben’s Tat Owt
00:10:40 Bingman’s Beef: Lanthanum & Phosphate
00:20:17 Bingman’s Beef: ISEs and Measuring Lanthanum
00:22:08 Rich’s Phosphate
00:26:18 SPONSOR
00:28:29 Rich’s Phosphate Cont.
00:31:57 Bingman’s Beef: Alk & dKH
00:41:26 Salinity Scales?
00:44:44 Rich & Craig’s MASNA Awards
00:45:30 MASNA Award & AOTY Inclusivity Statement?
00:46:21 Bingman’s Beef: Women in Reefing
00:50:27 Bingman’s Beef: Hunter is a ME?
00:50:57 Bingman’s Beef: Where do you inject chemicals?
00:52:16 Bingman love big sumps too
00:56:58 Support Reef Beef
00:58:39 Bingman’s Beef: Acids are not Equal: Vinegar
01:03:07 Bingman’s Beef: Acids are not Equal: Citric Acid
01:14:29 Bingman’s Beef: Borax
01:24:18 Final Words
01:26:48 Beefy Bloopers

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Episode 19 – Dr. Craig Beeferman (Bingman)

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