Welcome to Reef Beef Episode 5. What are vermetid snails and are they a problem? Also, Ben tells some stories about a former, high-profile client, Emmitt Smith.

Episode 5 time stamps
00:00:00 Intro
00:00:27 New Channel & Podcast
00:00:50 Snowman?
00:01:09 Can we have codenames?
00:01:45 BEEF – Vermetid snails
00:08:01 Beefers? Who are you?
00:13:01 Standing desk
00:13:27 Snowman replaces Ben?
00:14:00 Back to snails
00:21:00 Snail takeaway
00:25:00 LARS
00:27:40 Story Time – Emmitt Smith’s tanks
00:56:55 What is wrong with you?

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