Fauna Marin Coral Sprint, A Revolutionary Feeding Technology

Fauna Marin has developed a new food for corals called Coral Sprint. Fauna Marin has described it as, “a revolutionary progression in feeding technology” so we have decided to give it a try in one of our coral farm tanks starting next week. Coral Sprint is a highly nutritious powdered food that can be used to feed SPS, LPS, and Azoox coral. It contains a collection of beneficial nutrients and proteins which until now, was only found in nature. Coral Sprint is the first product to utilize volatile proteins, bacterial cells, and special nutrients as a food source. This selection of proteins and fats are commonly available in nature, but not in enclosed aquariums.  Admittedly, I wasn’t exactly sure what volatile proteins were when I first read

Product Showcase: ME Super Food

Super Food is a new powdered dry food from ME Coral designed specifically with large polyp stony corals, clams, zoanthids, and other filter feeding marine animals in mind. The company, known primarily for their other coral supplement, Amino Polyp Xtender, or, as reef...
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