Some More Red Sea Damsels

To follow an earlier post, I wanted to share a few more images of pomacentrids from the Red Sea.  I’ve got two more species that I know, and one more that I’m not quite sure about, so I would welcome any input from folks more knowledgeable than...

Some Red Sea Damsels

Damsels are amongst the best and worst fish for aquarists.  Many stores sell them as cheap beginner fish, due to their robust nature, only for them to become complete nightmares as they lose their looks and become pugnacious...

Three New Captive Bred Chysiptera Damsels

On the heels of receiving the rare Anampses lennardi wrasse, Quality Marine have received three new aquacultured species of damsels for the first time.   Damsels have long been considered a perfect fish for the beginner hobbyists for their hardiness, good looks, and small to large aquarium applications. In the wild, they are found in abundance.  With that said, sourcing aquacultured specimens can be a challenging as Quality Marine continually tries to expand aquacultured availability of various species of marine livestock in efforts to positivity impact the industry and the hobby as a whole.  With this announcement, it is now possible to purchase some of the more peace lovingdamsel fish; Chrysiptera hemicyanea, Chrysiptera talboti, Chrysiptera rollandi. The Azure Damsel (Chrysiptera hemicyanea) has a large wild range; found from

The Reef Damsel’s Distress Call

Researchers at James Cook University in the ARC Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies (Coral CoE) have uncovered an interesting feature of the Damsel reef fish family. We watch our fish dart in and out of crevices when they get scared in our aquariums but little...
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