Product Showcase: GHL KH Director

Over the many years I have been keeping reef tanks I have learned that it is critically important to have stable, rock solid parameters, especially alkalinity. Like other reefers, I had no other choice but to use a hobby grade test kit to measure alkalinity. I tested weekly using a Salifert test kit and every now and then I would see a decent swing in results from one week to another. Was it due to my calcium reactor not working properly, kalk in the kalk reactor expiring, a bad test kit or was there another reason? The bottom line during those instances was that something happened in between my weekly tests to cause alkalinity to swing. And sometimes those swings impacted the health of my SPS.   Yes

GHL News Release – New Reagent Tubes for the KH Director

Over the past several weeks, some customers reported having issues with small air bubbles accumulating in their reagent tube. Our findings show that at times, these air bubbles would affect the KHD’s measurement accuracy. We listened to your concerns and worked to find a solution. Improved measurement accuracy The KH Director is capable of precisely measuring and controlling the KH value in the aquarium. We’ve heard and read about situations where bubbles would steadily acummulate in the reagent lines and cause skewed KH readings. In the recent weeks, GHL worked with select customers to gather more information on their particular cases. After close examination of the problem, GHL has taken the following measures: NEW: Reagent bottling process  As

GHL CONNECT App Announced – for GHL Aquarium Devices

Below is a press release from GHL; the company behind the Profilux Controllers, Mitras LED fixtures, KH Director * and Profilux Dosing Pumps. GHL PRESS RELEASE GHL Connect is a powerful, feature-rich app for GHL devices. Starting with ProfiLux 4 support, GHL Connect was developed on an open architecture that allows for future support of other GHL devices such as GHL Doser 2, Mitras LX7 and ProfiLux 3. As we continue app development, support for these other devices will be gradually implemented. Once these devices are supported, GHL Connect will replace previously released apps. From the ground up, we built an app that allows users to easily take control of their GHL devices from the convenience of their smartphones and tablets. From its sleek modern design to its wide

KH Director – Release update from GHL

I just got this press release from GHL, and wanted to share it with all of you GHL fans that have been eagerly waiting. On August 25, 2017 at MACNA New Orleans, GHL Advanced Technology GmbH unveiled the KH Director, an automated Alkalinity monitoring and control...