GHL Introduces Mitras LX 7 High Powered LED Fixtures

The next generation high-powered LX 7 LED has arrived.  The origional design proved to be an effective means of providing aquariums with powerful but energy efficient LED lighting technology and as other brands of lights have advanced so has the Mitras. Built on the LX 6 design the LX 7 offers perfectly matched LEDs the provide the most complete spectrum available in the market today according to Matthias Gross, GHL’s owner and engineer. For a limited time between now and November 13th, 2016 these fixtures will be offered at the introductory price of $699.90 (normal price $749.90).  The Mitras LX7 now comes with power distribution that will allow the user to “borrow” power from one channel to use on another channel.  GHL refers to the as their 

New from GHL, The Mitras Lightbar 2

GHL, the makers of the Profilux aquarium controller, dosing pumps and Mitras LED lights releases the Lightbar 2 with a pre-order special*. GHL’s Ultra-Bright High-Power LED Lightbar 2 is made in Germany and offers many features not included in other LED strip lights, especially when it’s linked to GHL’s Profilux aquarium controller.  The new Lightbar 2 boasts maximum output power with it’s GHL Power Balancing Technology® and super smooth Perfect Dimming Technology®. *Pre-order special – To celebrate this new release, GHL is offering the first 500 customers a 15% discount! Special LED Overheat Protection LEDs are protected by monitoring the operating states of the LED diodes while monitoring the lightbar temperature. The microprocessor-controlled automatic brightness reduction and powerful heat sink promise efficient and safe operation

GHL to Release 3 New Profilux Controllers

GHL with more than 20 years of experience in manufacturing high end aquarium products has just announced that they will begin shipping 3 new computers for aquariums and terrariums this fall. The three new models are called the Profilux Mini, The Profilux Light and The Profilux Terra.  The new compact aquarium and terrarium controllers, offer important features found in high-end models from the ProfiLux 3 series but at extremely attractive prices.  All models will include 16 independent dimming channels, lighting simulations that include phases of the moon, clouds, storms, rainy days, tropical twilight and much more.  Each controller will also have the capability of connecting to the GHL Mitras LED lights and third-party products with 1-10V or PWM interfaces. Other Functions Include: Control of up to 4 variable current

New GHL Mitras Seasonal Lighting Simulation Explained

Recently Matthias Gross, owner of GHL posted an example of its new seasonal lighting feature that is now included in the Mitras LX LED Fixtures. The new feature simulates the seasonal course of lighting based on the following aspects: Similar to nature but still practical for artificial biotopes Simple and convenient to operate Flexible and customizable to suit individual needs Seasonal lighting can be combined with other lighting simulations that will run simultaneously such as thunderstorms, rainy days, moon phases, clouds and coral acclimation.  The minimum requirements to achieve these effects requires the following minimum software versions: Profilux 3 N/T (eX) Version 6.27 Mitras LX 6xxx Version 1.10 GHL Control Center Version Mitras LED Fixture Basics: For more details on how Seasonal Simulation works with the Mitras LED

Google Lounge Switzerland Powered by ProfiLux and Mitras Lightbars

The Google Headquarters in Zurich Switzerland is providing it’s employees with a gorgeous relaxation room that includes 5 large aquariums. Matthias Gross, the owner of GHL states, “We are very proud that Google has chosen our products for the illumination and controlling. Obviously Google didn’t want any compromises in regards to quality and security standards.” For the lighting requirements, Google chose to use the high-powered LED Mitras Lightbars on 5 aquariums in it’s relaxation room.  To further increase the automation capabilities of the relaxing atmosphere and cut down on the need for extra maintenance, Google installed the ProfiLux Aquarium Controllers on it’s aquariums.  The Profilux modular system manage tasks and monitor parameters for complete lighting control, pH and temperature control as well as leak detection.  Additionally