How it’s Made, Red Sea Reefer Aquariums

Have you ever wondered how a fish aquarium is actually made? Red Sea has just shared a short clip of how the Red Sea Reefer tanks are made. Granted, they are not going to show you some of their trade secretes but at least the video gives you a sense of what equipment is required to build a mass-produced product like the Red Sea Reefer series aquariums. Red Sea is proud to share with you a behind-the-scenes view of what goes into crafting a Red Sea aquarium. Their new, 2-minute video shows the complex, multi-stage process involved in transforming ultra-clear glass and wood into Red Sea aquariums and cabinets. “It takes a lot to create a high quality aquarium, but the superior

Perfect Conditions on a Red Sea Reef

Anyone that reads my blog posts has probably come across my photos from the Red Sea.  It’s such an excellent location for me, being less than six hours flight time from home and having a well-established dive industry that provides diving at some world-class...

The New Reefer Peninsula Series Aquarium from Red Sea

As many of our readers know, Red Sea manufactures some of the nicest looking aquariums on the market, with great features at reasonable prices.  Red Sea is now adding to it’s lineup with two new peninsula style aquarium models.  These models are the Reefer Peninsula 500 and 650 which are viewable from the front and the back as well as one of the ends.  Like all of the Reefer series models, the peninsula aquariums will feature rimless low iron crystal clear glass, marine-spec cabinetry, a sump system and an overflow box on one end of the aquarium with a place to add 2 wave maker pumps when additional circulation is required. The Peninsula Reefer 500 is 132 gallons and the tank dimensions are 49.2″ L x 23.6″ W x 23.6″ H